Principal Investigator,

Dr. Andrew J Adamczyk


Andrew J. Adamczyk

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering

Auburn University, 212 Ross Hall, Auburn, AL 36849, USA


Curriculum Vitae:

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Prof. Andrew J. Adamczyk is an experienced research engineer with over 10 years of experience in corporate and academic research outside of his PhD work. Prof. Adamczyk received his PhD from Northwestern University with National Academy of Engineering Member and Distinguished Professor Linda J. Broadbelt in the field of chemical engineering after several years of contract work in industry performing experimental catalysis and high-throughput catalyst screening research at UOP and Pfizer. His PhD work focused on the understanding of underlying thermochemistry and kinetics of Si nanoparticle formation. He was awarded an NSF International Research and Education in Engineering (IREE) Fellowship to study with Prof. Guy Marin for 18 months at the Laboratory for Chemical Technology of Ghent University in Belgium. He then worked as a research associate with Chemistry Nobel Laureate Arieh Warshel at the University of Southern California (USC) further refining his multi-scale modeling skills in the field of biochemistry, particularly enzymatic catalysis. After USC, he joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a research associate co-advised by Profs. William Green, Paul Barton, and Youssef Marzouk contributing to BP-Amoco and Saudi‑Aramco funded research for multi-scale petrochemical reactor model development. Most recently, after working at Air Product and Chemicals for over 5 years, Prof. Adamczyk now leads a group of 5 PhD students and 5 undergraduate researchers developing and applying multi-scale modeling techniques to a wide-range of challenging issues in the energy, health, and materials sectors.